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RO Pouch

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Pouch for RO

Client: Ro Health
Year: 2018
Our Role: Industrial Design, Prototyping, Product Development & Production

Roman’s original unboxing experience served as its user’s first physical touch point with the brand. After its successful launch, the healthcare start up approached us for a new unboxing experience they could send to their subscribers for on-going orders.

We came up with a simple and effective pouch design that acts as a vessel for Ro to ship their different medications. As with the original Roman packaging, subtlety and discretion were key factors in designing the user’s on-going experience. The pouch was designed with scalability in mind, so it could become a canvas for any of the future brands under the Ro umbrella.

The branded card provides a landing spot for Ro’s signature prescription label sticker. The card has the ability to be strung through the zipper and loop tab, tethering them together to create a safety lock that prevents the zipper from opening without removing the string first.

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Environmentally Conscious

The entire bag is made of waterproof, tear-resistant and extremely durable Tyvek. The material is made from 100% recycled HDPE, and can be recycled at the end of the product’s lifecycle. The pouch is designed to encourage continued use rather than being thrown away after the prescription runs out.

  • Pouch is designed to last for years.

  • Rather than quickly disposing this packaging, users are encouraged to keep the pouch for other uses.

  • Made from 100% recycled HDPE.

  • Significant reduction in water used during manufacturing from previous cardboard packaging.

  • No glues are used in assembly, all parts are stitched together.

  • The flat design and a 90% reduction in weight from the previous packaging allow for efficiency in freight after production.

  • The flat lightweight design allows each pouch to be shipped to the customer in a recyclable mailer sleeve.

The design represents an estimated 90% reduction in Ro’s carbon footprint from the previous packaging design.

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Price Conscious

The simpler pouch design reduces the amount of materials and production processes from the initial packaging. We intentionally sized it to ship in a discrete flat mailer that fits inside a standard mailbox, dramatically reducing Ro’s costs in shipping to their customers. Through these design decisions we reduced the unit cost by 70% and the shipping costs by 85%.

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Prototypes were created to simulate the pharmacists ability to quickly fill orders, and the user’s interaction with the pouch, prescription label, and medication. A range of proportions and design details were tested during this phase of the design process.

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